Band Website Design that is Affordable

For upstart bands and musical artists, a great deal of benefit can come from having a dedicated band website. However, unless an artist or band has a great deal of discretionary cash to spend for hiring a web developer and web hosting, the band may have to forgo a dedicated website. Fortunately, band website design and getting that website up and running don’t have to be overly costly undertakings.

Create a Free Website

If a person or band has a bit of patience, they can actually design a free website using an application like WordPress. The learning curve on WordPress is fairly easy and, with a bit of time, a band member that has been charged with creating a website can usually do so in a fairly short period of time.

Affordable Hosting

The problem many people find is that the design of a website is only one phase of getting it on the Internet. Once a band or an artist has determined how they’re going to design the website and what application they’re going to use, such as WordPress, it will require spending a bit of money to have the website hosted. This allows people to click on a band’s URL and view the website.

Hosting can be expensive, but there are many providers that offer affordable shared hosting plans for less than five dollars a month. While these hosting plans may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive hosting options, it may be precisely what a band is looking for when funds are extra tight.

Design and Update a Band Website

Once this is done, a band will need to upload WordPress to the hosting server to access the toolbar, and this is where the actual design is implemented. In addition, if a band wants to change anything about their website, the toolbar installed on the server can be easily accessed and navigated even for people without web design experience.

It is a bit ambitious, but with so many tools to help people with no experience designing websites design a professional and functioning website, it’s hard to pass up. In addition, these resources are either free or extremely affordable, which may be exactly what a cash-strapped artist or band may require at the time.

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