Save Money on Printer Cartridges: Tips for Ordering, Use, and Storage

Office supply expenses are always something budget-conscious people need to track and keep under control. It is very easy to underestimate how much these small products cost the average home business, office, or family each year. Printer ink is one of the most concerning because it can be expensive to purchase and easy to waste. Here are three tips that help people to spend less, use less, and keep their ink cartridges fresh.

Save While Shopping

Compare prices between retailers because the costs often vary between sellers. Unopened ink cartridges typically have a shelf life of about 18 months, or possibly longer, if they are stored correctly. Always purchase in bulk as long as the product will be used within this period of time. Bulk purchases of cartridges are almost always cheaper than buying them individually, but compare prices to be certain.

Use Ink Wisely

Change print fonts to one that is as small and simple as possible to use less ink. Always double check all material before it is printed to make certain everything is edited and complete. Use the preview feature to review the layout before anything is printed. Copy and paste information from websites when printing something like a story or a recipe to avoid wasting ink on pictures, ads, or other unwanted information.

Store Ink Properly

Remove open cartridges from the printer and place them in an airtight sealable container if the ink typically dries out due to infrequent use. All printer cartridges should be kept in a dark storage area whether the package is open or closed. If the building is very dry, it may be necessary to add a damp cloth to the container.

The printing costs of businesses are typically about three percent of their overall expenses. It is easy to see that, for some people, it could be very advantageous to learn how to reduce this one simple expense. In addition to lowering costs, buying in bulk and preserving cartridges makes it much less likely that people will experience the frustration of finding themselves without any ink when something important needs to be printed.

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